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Velveteen Sly

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no more doubts about my commitment to sparklemotion [May. 30th, 2004|12:42 pm]
Velveteen Sly
[mood |hornyhorny]
[music |Broken Social Scene]

Richard Kelly is inconspicuous, unassuming, you name it. He's hard to pick out of a crowd. Nonetheless, if you follow the autograph hounds, you can find him. Anyway, that's how I stumbled into one of my idols, the creator of Donnie Darko. An overweight asian woman asking for his signature in her checkbook (he wrote VOID in bold across the slip) drew my attention to the short dark-haired guy standing by the wall, underneath projected images from Zhang Ziyi's film Hero; the setting was a SIFF reception at Consolidated Works, a gala event for the release of a new redesigned version of Donnie Darko (coming to Seattle theatres this wednsday). The crowd, a mob of shmoozers and boozers, was there to look at each other in their designer turtlenecks and cocktail straplesses, the perfect crowd for Mr Kelly to lose himself in. Not to say he was lost. Far from home, yes, and out of his element. What is his element, you ask? Somewhere not alcohol-besotted I'd imagine. At least that's how comfortable he appeared in that company. We shook hands. I had to ask him if he was he, and he said Yeah I'm him. Gee, how many times did he have to say that? The words sounded familiar and tired. Then he asked about the pin on my lapel and we got away from the whole Where's a celebrity I can fuck? vibe pervading the tinkling mob quickly jamming the space around us. He said a lot is riding on this new release of his cult film: "Cult status doesn't translate with the executives," he said, which I took to mean he has no money for his new projects. Which is sad, cos Donnie Darko is the only script he's had produced and it sure would be nice to see something else. I mean, this guy might be Charlie Kaufman in little shoes, less neurotic and more fluid in the abstract.
More fluid in the abstract... hmm, that might be offensive-sounding. I swear to absence of malice, I swear. Anyhow, he came across nervous. Probably from all the attention and Gee, aren't you the real Donnie Darko? looks he was getting from everybody. I would have talked to him for more than five minutes but a buddy of mine decided to horn in on the action. He hovered at my shoulder looking for an opening in the conversation I had initiated. When the opening came, he leaped into the breach. Nonplussed but not pissed, I rejoined my companion and drifted away. There were more celebrities in the place to send fuck waves at.
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Dude [May. 21st, 2004|01:17 pm]
Velveteen Sly
[mood |bouncybouncy]
[music |Electric Six "Gay Bar"]

I still haven't found a decent dance spot. Looking back at my entries from OVER TWO YEARS AGO I am sad that the situation is static. Anybody that knows a good place where the music thrums and jumps and the folks are friendly and fun, give me a shout.
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drrreem pawwwr [May. 20th, 2004|11:09 pm]
Velveteen Sly
Just when you think you know how another person's head works, they tell you one of their dreams. There is no faster way to break down the illusion of comingling psyches. It isn't a bad thing. I'm just saying. It's a great thing, in fact, because it reinforces the unpredictable.

This is going to become my dream repository. Then the folks can see that the unpredictable is not mythical. Quite the opposite; it is phantasmagorical.

Oh, but that is quite enough syllables for now. There are consonants reverberating through my dream chambers... ouch.
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Celebrity? [Dec. 6th, 2001|10:43 am]
Velveteen Sly
[mood |bouncybouncy]
[music |DRUQKS, Aphex Twin]

There are 2 basic tensions I encounter while posting here, between exposure and obscurity and between dabbling and sincerity. The latter is easy to understand. I feel compelled by nature to compose entries in my diary, an impulse now complemented by posting additional entries at LiveJournal. In which am I dabbling, in which am I sincere? Probably a little of both going either direction. Right turn, Clyde.

Dangling between exposure and obscurity is a horse of a different color. There are literally millions of users on-line daily, yet not one of them (okay, one, maybe two of them) will read my LiveJournal entry. Even so, I feel totally exposed logging thoughts here. I feel a strange and interesting kind of celebrity doing this. It doesn't rationalise too well, but still makes sense in its own internally-fucked gear way.
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Out of control [Dec. 4th, 2001|09:32 am]
Velveteen Sly
[mood |crankycranky]
[music |"I'm so Bored with the USA"]

The world is exploding. Now Israel has signed up for the "War on Terror". Yippee. Iraq is our next target, as soon as we get done bombing farms and villages like Kama Ado in Afghanistan. Half that village's population (155 of 300) were wiped out by 1,000 lb American bombs.

What is the American way of life? Is it a moral one? We are fighting to defend our freedoms even now, in the most expedient manner imaginable. Israel wants to fight for it's freedoms too -okay, do it like us and we'll do them like this: BLAM!

And whuzzup with "Homeland Security"??? We live in a "homeland" now? I guess "fatherland" is too faded. Christ, what will they think of next.

I mean, if we're going to start off by bombing Red Cross warehouses (twice, oopsie) then move on to farms, shouldn't we hurry up and get to sports stadiums and shoe factories? (oopsie again; already got us one of them there factories blowed up over there in Ko... Koso... uh, Macedonia.) I'd love to see another embassy go down, or maybe even a car dealership.
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Flashdunce [Dec. 1st, 2001|09:32 pm]
Velveteen Sly
[mood |awakeawake]
[music |"Whiz Key" Major Force West]

I need to find a good place to dance in Seattle. Ever since the OK shut down I've wandered the sidewalks at night looking for someplace new with that special savoir faire I need. My butt needs, really. Hips and shoulders. It's a groove thang. Lord help me.
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Avengers [Nov. 29th, 2001|01:06 pm]
Velveteen Sly
I love the '67 season of The Avengers. Diana Rigg is so sexy I can't hardly contain my business. Plus I crack up more than during the average tv show (with the exception of "Malcolm in the Middle") and dig those groovy scenarios. There's more going for this show than just Emma Peel, it's hard to believe but it's true. The writing is tremendous (in most cases). Steed is a fine chap too. If I found a Peel, I'd love to be her Steed.
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Noise therapy [Nov. 29th, 2001|12:44 pm]
Velveteen Sly
[mood |determineddetermined]
[music |Sam Phillips, "How to Dream"]

I'm trying to become the sound of what I am. But what does that mean, other than the parroting of something I once said while under the influence of a psychotropic thunderhead? Don't know, but trying to figure it out. Starting with the Muladhara chakra, which is considered the "birthplace of all sounds", I'm trying to get to the source of all this noise.

Dancing is a great way of getting in touch with Muladhara, and I haven't dont nearly enough of that of late. The last great boogie epidode was up in Vancouver BC at the Lotus Room. I need to bust out. Tasty musics at home don't hurt and I've been listening to the latest Aphex Twin release constantly. The mechanical textures serve to highlight the silence of what is beneath them, the organic silence of mud, bone, and tissue. Arab Strap has a similar effect, though far more direct.

I'm looking for what JuneBugg calls the "sound within sound". Tune me in!
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Where's the sugar? [Nov. 28th, 2001|09:57 am]
Velveteen Sly
[mood |discontentdiscontent]
[music |Skip Spence, "Broken Heart"]

I'm not feeling the sugar today. Rainy days are my favorite kind of day and it's pouring outside so I should be jubilant but I ain't. Probably didn't get enough snooze. All night I spun in the vortex of a mental monsoon. Lame. I'm craving glucose gimme gimme.

On an up-note, the Smurf naming craze has taken hold of the Queen City Qrew. Starting with an innocent glance at JuneBugg's journal, I spotted the Smurf link and ran with it, forwarding the address to EVERYBODY. That smurf has caught on like anthrax in the White House. Delicious.

Saw "The Players Club" the other night. Definitely not a comedy, which was the section I found it in. Good movie, thought-provoking, occasionally funny.
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Rant [Nov. 27th, 2001|10:47 am]
Velveteen Sly
There's a lot of loose talk going around about the "Evil One" these days. Junior wants us to think this personage is Osama bin Laden, our nasty Saudi pal, but I have to disagree. Maybe it's a principle thing, since I don't find myself in much agreement at all with our "Commander-and-Thief", but that's donuts or ding dongs. If you ask me (and you didn't) the "Evil One" is a homegrown, Made in America sumbitch going by the name of Thomas Kinkade.
You know about this creep? Truly, he's the palpable screaming mimi of malevolence on this planet. Sunday evening 60 Minutes broadcast a character assassination of Mr Thomas Kinkade that stripped the proverbial scales from my peepers. It was a violent, stomach-churning experience. Here is a guy that is making heaps of dough off the American public by reproducing (and I do mean "reproducing" as in regurgitating and spewing again in a vomitious fashion) the most brain-numbing images of our time. Literally, Mr Kinnkade is making a killing. He's killing hearts and minds of stupid people everywhere. Worse, he brags about it publicly and flaunts his vicious disregard for ethics.
Here is a man with the gall to place himself above Pablo Picasso in terms of talent and posterity. "Picasso whipped out 3 paintings before breakfast when he needed $10,000," says Kinkade. I don't dispute the truth in what he says -Picasso was ruthless once he made his name- but to state it as if this is the proper role of an artist?!? To equate his own talent with Picasso's?!? I'd like to see Kinkade's first grade scratchings and see if they aren't of superior quality to what he's mimeographing and pawning on the public now in his ripe old age.
The Evil One. Makes me want to puke. No, really. Christ, if I did, I could pass it off as Kinkade original and make fifty grand.
I could go on but the bile is starting to fry my mother board.
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